Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Creative Space: pint-sized dressmaking

Mini clothing indeed! - as my lovely (and soon to be wed - yippee!) friend Alissa pointed out. This here is my first attempt at sewing reeeeeealllyyyy teeny tiny clothing for Clementine, my first Blythe doll.
I made a little polka dot Empire Dress for her. It is a free sewing pattern from Puchi Collective. I stuffed up the pattern and sewed the bodice to itself at one point, but unlike the frustrations of incorrectly sewn human-sized clothes I just threw the ruined 4x5cm piece of fabric in the bin and started again - no seam ripper involved!
I liked the challenge of working with teeny stitches. There was definitely a need for getting things a bit more precise than usual. I think I might add a white lace ribbon trim which peeks out from the skirt hem. Just to pretty it up a bit.
Perhaps the All Spruced Up dress next ....?? Head over to Kristy's place at kotooyoo to see some human sized creations.


  1. Clementine is beautiful and love the frock, can't go past polka dots.

  2. Oh Trace, she is more gorgeous than I ever imagined. It seems she is on the opposite end of the size scale than my doll obsession. I think the All Spruced Up dress looks extremely cute! Great purchasing my dear :)

  3. I love her dress. She's looking very stylish.

  4. You'll be getting commissions from fairies next...

  5. It's a really cute dress! I want a big one for me!

  6. Clementine is really cute - red suits her, it does!