Friday, October 21, 2011

October niceties

Passing butter yellow canola fields on the roadside on the way to Melbourne.

Using recycling scrappy materials to build four girls a coop *cough* mansion. Preparing for our egg-providing pets is seriously exciting business! 

A fantastically expensive (whoops!) Bunnings trip with an equally fab friend produced two hanging baskets which have the prettiest petunia display you could ever lay eyes on. Hanging flowers on branches of our jacaranda was a light bulb moment which makes me all kinds of happy :)

Broad beans here. There. Everywhere. Amazing fried in almost burnt butter, salt and pepper. Nom nom.

Attempting to grow cukes up a trellis - we'll see how that goes.

Waiting for our first strawberry to ripen.

 Sharing our garden with one particularly pesky visitor who lays on and squashes young corn plants is cute but annoying. 

I hadn't noticed that I had not blogged for almost 1 month (thanks for bringing it to my attention Vic x) End of term 3, school holidays and the beginnings of the final term for this year (HOLIDAYS IN 8 WEEKS. HURRAH!) have kept me away. I'll be sure to share our new coop once completed as well as the girls! Can't wait.