Sunday, June 26, 2011

knit purl knit

It's cold here in Adelaide. So after considering getting back my crochet-groove then wishing I could get better at knitting, the pointed needles won the battle. Ravelry and I quickly re-aquainted ourselves, as did youtube (thanks to some nice tutorials on how to use dpns and circular needles). I am really enjoying making the Offset Wraplan baby cardie. I even mustered up the courage to include some random patterning. It's lovely to have something to do while watching tv at night.

I have been mucking around with photoshop while trying not to feel too overwhelmed by the craziness of the program. Just zooming in and out and opening files initially did my head in, as my mac took some getting used to. Now that I'm better at that, this morning Refining Edges was my goal. Result above is satisfactory but I need to practise some more. Perhaps a TAFE course in Photoshop...?

golden afternoon

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am grateful for ...

 slowly but surely crossing tasks off my horribly lengthy To Do lists with a red pen and ruler (seeing a red line across makes it so wonderfully final and satisfying)....

weekend drives into the Adelaide hills...

picnics and cups of tea on bitterly cold afternoons...

new growth in our garden ...

Hello tulip leaves and tiny yellow surprises!!!

... and lastly - my garden for teaching me to be more patient.  These leeks, which will take 3-5 months to mature, are by no means big enough to cook with yet, but I do love their new hairstyles.

More grateful thoughts over at maxabellaloves :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

indoor bulbs

15 op-shopped vases, jars, pots, kettles and milk jugs are the new homes of my indoor bulbs for 2011.

Each morning I check on their progress each morning hoping to see a new millimeter of shiny green sprout. Hyacinths, daffodils, blue muscari and tulips are among these soon-to-be beauties. Can't wait!