Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess what I am crocheting...

So sorry for repeating this very silly game, but I just can't quite share the things I'm crafting yet as they are for gifts of people who might just read this blog ;) So thanks to Ravelry (and Melissa from Brown Owls who reminded me of the great wool-related-pattern-sharing-sensation of a website) last night I got started on this 'little' crocheted number.
It's coming together quickly (oh dearest treble - you are seriously my fave stitch) and will be my first crocheted baby garment. Kate from Foxs Lane inspired me actually with her post about the crocheted Maisie Cardigan. Thank you Kate, you make delightful things!

x Happy weekend all!

ps: One person is preeeeeetty close to guessing what I am sewing from this post... the sewing is all finished, just little extra bits to do and it'll be done:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I do love this meme, thanks Sophie of Her Library Adventures for hosting it weekly. Today I am sharing some thrifted glassware which lives on our kitchen window sill. This morning I disgraced myself by picking these pretty wild flowers from a national park... I didn't think about it at all ...I just happily plucked them and bundled them up. Whoopsies! Lucky they are a weed. Such a pretty weed... The white vases are made from milk glass and are my absolute favourites... plus for 20c from a country oppie I couldn't say no ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess what I'm sewing...

I have been busy this morning. Sewing. Snipping. Measuring. Pinning. Trying to work out a pattern intended for the 'moderate' sewer which has no instructions (so far it appears that I am NOT that moderate sewer I hoped to be - ha!). Despite complications I think I will make two, the second should be easier. That's how it usually works isn't it?

I will show the completed item(s) once they have been given as gifts, if you are curious do check back in a week or so :)
What do you think it is going to be?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Crocus Pocus...!

Like magic these two little buttercup yellow crocuses appeared yesterday.
I don't think they'll stick around for very long but it has been lovely watching them grow.
The Californian Poppy seeds have sprouted too, and are growing at the quite alarming rate of ~ 1cm daily.

Come on Winter hurry up already - I'm hanging out for Spring!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

little brown fabulous things...

In keeping with my new found love for our garden, I seem to be slightly obsessed with.... yes wait for it ... bulbs. Yep, bulbs! Until about a month ago I couldn't care less about these things, let alone wish to plant 8 pots of them.
We have tulip bulbs taking up space in the cheese compartment of the fridge (in order to fake the winter season), bright red hyacinths and piles of various daffodils in pots, blue flowered muscari, a heap of ranunculus, poppies growing from seed, and yellow crocuses which already have shoots popping out of the soil after only 3 days of life in soil. Did I go crazy or what?!
Despite my tragic plant survival history, I am hopeful we will have a Spring full of dazzling colour on our front porch. Here's to hope! :)

Flea Market Finds

Playing along with Her Library Adventures meme this week. Head there to see other fthrifted finds. I picked up a set of 3 melamine cups and saucers for $5. They will be perfect for picnics. There is something special about those deco-esque handles... they remind me of Dame Edna.They have found their way onto these almost overcrowded blue-green-duck-egg themed kitchen shelves. This little corner in my kitchen makes me pretty happy.

And for $1 each, this set of glass bowls. To be honest... we have so many bowls already. Aside from their colour and form I don't really know why I bought them. oops..

but they sure are pretty!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Num num...

The birthday cake verdict - we officially love marble cake. Next time we're going to be experimental and try 3 or maybe even 4 colours. The more outrageous the better!

(Ann - you missed out this piece is for you xxx)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space

I am loving the school holidays but have not been overly creative, just busy with weddings and family visits and good things like that. Here's what I've been up to....
The finished baby blanket - border complete last.
This morning a green and pink marble cake was made for my Boy's daughter - she's 12 today! I have never marbled before but I just checked the oven and it's looking good... and very paisley. Oh hello Lucy - your whiskers are looking lovely todayx
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

they're here...

I have been wondering when little green grassy shoots would appear. This morning I saw that our back lawn had grown quite literally overnight... AND some bulbs have awoken after the nasty hot Summer. As a general rule I am easily pleased and excitable, but seeing these little green living things pop up in our garden makes me stupidly happy :)

I began a sort of 'gardening scrapbook' yesterday detailing what should be flowering and which veggies can be planted in each month in metro Adelaide. I am hoping this should keep us on track, as the gardening thing is a bit new, and we really have no idea what to do!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

they say patience is a virtue...

Hello, I don't get too personal on here. But today I have decided to... I do hope you don't mind.

My Boy and I own a beautiful house together. We love it. But it's often a very lonely place to live. This is because I am at home alone for long periods of time, hence our new fence! He is a ranger (my friends call him Nature Boy hehe) and works long 10 day shifts at a national park about 2 hours away.

We have lived some distance apart for 4 of the 5 years we have known each other. When I read that I think "No, that can't be true! Who does that?!" We did. The distance makes the normal relationship stuff pretty tricky and it has been horribly difficult at times.

image: weheartit

So, onto that 'good news'. We found out yesterday that he has been offered a job here in Adelaide! *woot woot*
Soon we will live together in our home. Soon we will come home from work and cook meals together. Soon we will probably annoy each other a bit, too lol.
Super happy. Patience is definitely a virtue :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

clocks et cabinet...

Last week I promised some more photos of Great Nana's treasures. So here you are... We discovered that she collected alarm clocks. All except for one are wind ups with keys. Only one ticks when wound.
These two are our favourites, the Princess and the Hero.

And ... I have wished for a glass retro cabinet to appear before my eyes during my op shop jaunts. So when this popped up I grabbed it for the pricey sum of $40 (anything over $20 for me is normally too much hehe). Not sure if some d.i.y is called for, but I really like that I have less dusting to do! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Creative Space

My Oma gave me her Dutch burda Plezier Met Handwerken (pleasure with handywork?) magazines from the 1970s last weekend, they are super and I feel spoilt! I don't speak any Dutch, but luckily the pages had nice diagrams so I managed to learn some new hooky stitches. I practiced a spot of 'Tunisian Crochet' - where loops stay on the hook for a whole row and are worked off once you reach the end. I had never seen this form of crochet before and... ermm 'I am hooked!' :P Ive always wanted to know how to change colours amidst rows. I have tried using normal crochet stitches but found it looked a bit messy. I'm thinking that Tunisian Crochet lends itself to neater colour changes within little squares. The back does not look a treat though.These flowers took hours to work out (the loooong car trip came in very handy!) and involved way too many moments of pulling out rounds.
I could really still use the instructions in English for these flowers, the back of the blue flower looks pretty iffy.
Please do help - do you know of any decent crochet flower patterns with lovely instructions (in English) online? Thank u muchly in advance xx
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Great-Nana's House

I had a very surprising Easter with mum and dad - we drove to Victoria to visit our family. No no that's not the surprising part!! ....on the way I begged (it’s true) to stop in at Stawell, a little country town where my mum was born and raised, so I could take some photos of mum’s childhood stomping ground. We weren't in a rush so we did exactly that!
Our last stop was my Great-Nana's place, which was once a beautiful tiny house, brimming with jars of lollies (my only memory of her), vintage ceramic statues, multiple sets of canisters, too many pouffy lounge chairs, different rugs or lyno in each room and waaaay too much furniture for the amount of space. We soon realised that the house was sadly now a derelict shamble of smashed windows, where tall dried out wheaty weeds now surrounded all four exterior walls, and ripped curtains whipped in the wind outside the house.

We were sure no-one lived there anymore, so mum told me I could go inside and take a look. Since my Great-Nana passed away 18 years ago an elderly man rented the little house furnished (all bric-a-brac included). My heart jumped, I think I may even have squealed and clapped excitedly at the prospect of being explained where my Great-Nana's furniture used to be, where and what meals she once cooked and what she was like as a grandma etc. I never tire of hearing my parents childhood stories.Well…. we never expected furniture to still remain in the house, nor did we expect to find letters from 1959, or her crockery still in the kitchen cabinet (!), and we especially didn't imagine the most wonderful collection of 1950s-60’s pictures in frames piled up against the wall of the ‘spare room’... can you imagine it. Our eyes must have boggled at the sight before us in each and every room.Squatters had lived there for quite some time, so most of the crockery was chipped; so many sets of teacups were smashed into millions of little pieces. But to our amazement - among all the broken bits were lots of un-chipped, un-smashed but incredibly dusty bits and pieces which once belonged to my Great-Nana! Sadly none of her furniture would fit in the car – we tried. We really did.
Just look at her old stereo cabinet... *sigh*I am upset that her belongings weren't cared for properly all those years ago. I really feel quite ill knowing that random people have rummaged through her belongings and even spray painted disgusting words all over her once beautiful mint green lounge room walls. Among the sadness of what could have been and what has been lost..... is the fortunate fact that we stopped by there this past weekend not knowing that my uncle has planned for the house and all of it's contents to be bulldozed within the next 2 months. Yes. That is extra super lucky don't you think? Mum remembers that little green and red stool above from when she was a little girl. We have so many beautiful memories of her now (a whole dining-room table piled high to be exact), all which would have been lost if I didn't have this sudden desire to take photos of where mum was born and raised. I believe that sometimes things happen for a reason. This was one of those moments.

Look there. That is just one of many boxes of Great-Nana's beloved items which are now sitting on my dining table waiting for a scrub!!!! I cannot wait to give each and every item the TLC it deserves. More photos soon x


I know these items were not thrifted but they have been found and will now be loved so am popping them into Sophie's Flea Market Finds meme. It's bending the rules a smidge ey :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

thrifted flickr picks

Votives by Phlora

Thrifting 101 by jenib320

Enjoy the Easter break lots of delicious chocolate - o Lindt how I love thee :)