Sunday, February 28, 2010

a skirt

I forgot about this cute pink, red and whit pleated skirt I got for $5.99 from Salvos about a month ago. I'm wearing it out tonight to have coffee in the city with mum and dad. I think it was hand sewn by someone, as there is no tag or label inside. I really love the pleats!
Below is a nicer photo of the skirt fabric- the gingham turned psychedelic in the photo above. odd.
Pssst..I am so not a pink person... nor am I a pink and red together person... but I am slowly becoming more accepting and think the two colours can be quite sweet together.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thrifted finds

After visiting a good friend today I found myself with an hour to myself before shops would close. What to do? What to do? Silly question - go op shopping! I didn't travel too far and found this vintage dress for what I thought was a decent $15... but all clothing was 1/2 price - $7.50!!! (I think I may have skipped to my car, smiling from ear to ear clutching my dress tightly)

Do you always look at the dresses in the retro section? I always do. But they never fit me, let alone sit within my price range. I added my own blue polka-dot belt. I think we are going to be good friends. Now just where to wear it...? It doesn't help that I am a bit of a social recluse does it .. hmmmm :P

These two pale green canisters were begging to go home with me too for $3.99 ea. I have lots of canisters already, but I could not resist them. There is something sweet about kitchen crockery with a crisp white stripe or two isn't there?
Happy days ♥

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My little princess...

Hello there. I haven't been crafting anything thrilling, new or exciting this past week.
The cat and I have been enjoying the cooler breeze during the nights. She is a funny creature - all Summer she hasn't sat on the couch beside me. I have missed her. I guess it's been too warm for curling up on a crochet blanket?
But this weeks weather has brought upon her adorable couch relaxing ways and upside down laying cuteness. Hurrah! (I am sure she dreams of bunnies)
Are other reader's feline friends loving the comfort of couches too?

She is such a silly kitty.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

gone green...

Hello guess what? - some Barbie clothes fit Clementine!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place & Yours: In my kitchen

Thank uuuuu Vic for choosing Nic and I for the theme queens this week! We both chose 'In My Kitchen'.... a place I love to spend time in, even if it is just to whip up a cuppa.
Our kitchen is thankfully still in it's 1960's style splendour, with lovely retro spinning corner cupboard, glass paned upper wall shelves and metal bench trim and rivets. The kitchen is what made me fall in love with the house in the beginning. I dooooo l♥ve our kitchen. Ok I'll stop now lol
I have a fascination for those colourful old enameled tin plates and bowls. I don't quite know what it is - their bright colours, how they keep my dinner super warm for a long time, or the clinky clunky sound they make when you cut food on them? My friends don't get it (a friend even uses one for her cat's food bowl!), nor do my parents or anyone else I have ever ever had for dinner at our house for that matter. In fact, most usually ask for their meal on a ceramic plate. *shrugs* I like really like them. A lot.
ooooooo - I blogged about our retro canister situation a month or so ago - take a look over here if you are curious. Do head over to Punky & Me to see other bloggers kitchen related goodness xxx

Friday, February 12, 2010

working under pressure...

I have recently worked out that I work best under pressure. So I have been a happily busy completing things for two upcoming events - The Knitting Nancy fringe exhibition and Vals Day.

My crochet food cans and lids have been soaked in fabric stiffener and are drying on a baking tray. They still need some polly-fill and to be topped with carrots and green peas. I'll post a final photo before the exhbit on Thursday :) I embroidered The Boy and myself on a hoop last night. I illustrated us first on paper then attempted a freehand style back stitch for all of the embroidery - all bar the red heart where I used a creative form of stem stitch (why-oh why can't I get the hang of stem-stitch?).

EDIT: The hoop is my love's V.Day gift. Okay - sure, he doesn't normally get overly thrilled about embriodery but he is supportive of my illustrations, and I couldn't think of anything meaningful which represents "us" ♥

He doesn't actually have a funky leg. Oops...

Also sharing this German sentence cube game (? not really sure what the heck you do with it). I thrifted it for $4. Whilst on the phone to my brother (who has a fair grasp of the language) I read some of the words to him. He laughed and told me that the words were rather outrageous - it appeared I had discovered a family UN-friendly porn version of the game. I still have them on display, the make me chuckle sometimes as I pass them in a nice pile.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Creative Space: pint-sized dressmaking

Mini clothing indeed! - as my lovely (and soon to be wed - yippee!) friend Alissa pointed out. This here is my first attempt at sewing reeeeeealllyyyy teeny tiny clothing for Clementine, my first Blythe doll.
I made a little polka dot Empire Dress for her. It is a free sewing pattern from Puchi Collective. I stuffed up the pattern and sewed the bodice to itself at one point, but unlike the frustrations of incorrectly sewn human-sized clothes I just threw the ruined 4x5cm piece of fabric in the bin and started again - no seam ripper involved!
I liked the challenge of working with teeny stitches. There was definitely a need for getting things a bit more precise than usual. I think I might add a white lace ribbon trim which peeks out from the skirt hem. Just to pretty it up a bit.
Perhaps the All Spruced Up dress next ....?? Head over to Kristy's place at kotooyoo to see some human sized creations.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet Clementine

My first Blythe doll arrived today! I named her Clementine, as her given name Cassiopeia Spice was too long-winded and strange. I am really happy with her and she is much taller than I expected.

She is such a pretty Blythe! Her hair feels like silk. Here are some photos of her and 4 different eye-chips - you yank a ring-pull chord at the back of her head and her eye colour and position changes. I am not yet a fan of the amber or pink (!?) eye chips. We'll see if they grow on me... hmmmm

I need to work on her wardrobe, I'm going to check if my childhood Barbie and Skipper clothes fit her - thankfully my parents have kept all of our toys, books and clothes in their garage, and I mean ALL. I think I ever have children I'll be the same - keep everything.
I did have a try at sewing a dress last week but haven't tried it on her yet.... I hope I got the sizing correct- please do check back on Thursday to see it in My Creative Space post :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

These days I have been waiting ever so patiently for my Blythe doll to arrive, planning for school and watching Gilmore Girls Season 1 (which I have finished and am in dire need of Season 2, sometime real soon!) there hasn't been much crafting going on. So I'm being quite lazy and sharing photos of some of the softies I have made in over the past 2 years.
Poppy and Levi - gifted Black Apple Dolls made from this free pattern.

Mr. Hammer-Head Monkey

Monsieur Sanchez (made by me) and Sanchez Jr. and his accompanying fruits (made by Hanna when she was 9, too cute!).

A gifted amigurumi goat. I remember not enjoying crocheting with that soft fluffy wool - could never find the chain holes!!

Mr. Mantis inspired by the amazing (!) folk at Soto Softies.

Key Sisters

Grumplestiltskin at the back and un-named gifted beastie in front.

Miss Wobble-Neck Pointy Kitty, a free pattern from here.

Chocolate Man
Have a great Wednesday!!