Saturday, March 10, 2012

in the garden - March

A rather large front garden asparagus type stalk grew to 5m!!! over the past week from the centre of a spiky succulent. We are now waiting for its burgundy flowers to appear. 

The veggie beds have their second warm season crop growing - chives, Grosse Lisse tomatoes, lettuce, some crazy unknown vine that was purchased as a pumpkin !? (see large white flower and vine below) and a recently sown bed of green manure seeds (back empty bed) which will be chopped and turned into the soil in a month or two. Just in time for the cooler temp veggies!

My Spring bulbs are on their way in the post! I worry that the degree of excitement I feel towards little brown flower bulbs could induce an early labour hehe.  I can't wait to see my tulips, daffodils and hyacinths flowering in the now empty space above! I am hoping they will make the crazy tired early days with my first baby a little brighter.

In the coming month, before I become a gigantic whale, I will be re-locating about 100 bearded iris bulbs and 50 agapanthus from various spots in our garden to form borders. Lots to do before anything exciting can happen - enriching soil with composted cow manure, bricking a walking path, and building a low bamboo fence to stop the feathered terrors from pecking everything green or pretty in sight.

The terrors scratched up ALL of my daffodils and paper-whites from last year. Chickens can be such little turds. I guess I will be replanting these too!