Monday, February 20, 2012

drip drip drip

We (yes we!) are making a mobile for the nursery. I finally decided on a cloud and raindrop mobile. Most mobiles on Pinterest have clouds made from either stuffed felt or fabric. Involving Mark in the project required some sussing out a niche of interest (woodwork) thus hoping he'd be more inclined to join the mobile making fun too. Woo - he's doing it. Next shed project on the list!

Loving these pastel colours, but considering adding a whole range of rainbow shades...hmmm...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

hanging in the breeze

Soooo we had our 20 week scan this weekend... very special seeing our baby's tiny feet kicking inside, legs stretching then 'frogging' back up like elastic bands, fingers and hands clasping, little spine bones all perfectly formed and trying to perform a backflip without success. 1 hour of baby viewing wasn't enough. We could have watched all day. 'It's so much better than TV' were Mark's exact words.

Washing baby clothes 4 months prior to the due date makes me all kinds of silly happy. This past week I have washed, hung, folded and found nooks in bub's wardrobe for four loads of tiny outfits, socks, blankets, cardigans, hats and onesies. 

So tiny.
So incredibly cute.
Some incredibly pink. Yep! We are going to have a sweet little girl!  We couldn't be happier.

However... I don't like pink a whole lot. In moderation it's fine, but just not not an entire wardrobe full of it. I guess we will attempt to avoid the uber pink girlie craze. But so many baby girls clothes (not to mention toys) in the shops are exactly that - pink! So we have decided not to own any pink MCNs, gorgeous rainbow colours only. I do so love bright primary colours and neutrals. In saying that what's the bet our little button will adore all shades of pink and only pink!

Her wardrobe is slowly filling up with adorable teensy clothes and essentials. Having a mum who manages an op-shop has helped us in the biggest way. My lovely Ma has been collecting the best of the best 2nd hand outfits for the past 12 or so months. Mark and I feel fab about reusing clothing that have only been worn once or twice, and in many cases still have the labels on! A quick wash and viola. New. I understand 2nd hand baby clothing is not everyone's cup of tea, and that's just fine. Each to their own :)