Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY boppy pillow

It was mighty hard to restrain myself from going out and buying a Boppy pillow but... I am glad I did as this project has kept me busy during week 39 of pregnancy. It's been an absolute shite week to put it mildly. Mostly I'm just not sleeping properly, fun hormones raging, crazy heartburn and reflux lingers without breaks and not knowing when she could make her arrival (will it be today? tomorrow? in 14 days?) ready for our little peanut to arrive. Following such moments of complete ICK! I'm trying to stay positive and be crafty.

I have sewn an internal pillow and two covers using this cover pattern from A Load of Craft. It's a fairly straight forward pattern. I made sure the internal pillow itself had no zip and sewed the edge using a 1" seam allowance, instead of the 1/4" suggested, making it slightly smaller than the covers. 

This patchwork cover is my favourite I think. Fabric charm pack 'Oh Deer!' by Moda and the backing is a snuggly minky in cream from Spotlight.

Very impressed by Spotlight's fabric range these days. The woodland print is a thick cotton drill with brown minky backing.

Your pillow is ready, so come on baby!!!