Friday, September 23, 2011

small collections

My marble collection made a great substitute for weighing down a custard pie base.

Cubed butter softening in the sun ready to be made into pastry.

Splendidly sour grapefruits and granulated sugar have been eaten by the bucketload. Yum.

I am still here, just finding life is taking me on a journey of spending a fair amount of time in the garden. We are pottering and planning which Summer crops to plant during the school holidays, re-organising our inside spaces, laying concrete for a garden shed for Mark, and *insert drumroll here* the most exciting of the lot - discovering THE most perfect location for a spacious chicken coop in a shady corner of our front yard. Now to drawing up some plans and learning how to construct something from wood that doesn't fall over.

Although I am missing doing something with my hands I haven't had the desire to pick up a needle, hook or set up my beloved Janome. It doesn't bother me though. Also it's been months since I have thought about making a quick detour and popping into an op-shop. Is it possible to be all opped-out?

Ahhhh sunshine!

p s : If you are in Adelaide, do you know of anyone getting wanting to get rid of a chicken coop (saves me making one. Willing to pay) or know a reputable person to buy layers from? Do you have chickens? Which breed likes to be picked up/patted?

Monday, September 5, 2011

royal adelaide show

The show was a lovely place to go for father's day celebrations. Happy Father's day dad and Mark 

I wasn't aware of how long you actually spend on the Ferris Wheel ride.

The chair swing is officially my favourite show ride. ever. 

I find that all rides put a spazzy happy smile on my face, but this ride has something special!

Warm sun. Smelly poultry shed. Calving cows. Crispy choros. Hot jammy donuts.  Not a showbag in sight..  yes I would like to elect myself to become the organiser of the Showbag Hate Club hehe. 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

nectarine blossoms

In an attempt to teach myself some Photoshop skills and become less afraid of the daunting program I have been watching various online tutorials, particularly teaching how to 'vintagise' photographs.

I found this the best technique by far, and I think I may even be able to remember the order of layers, duplicates, curves and light changes (I am feeling mighty proud of myself hehe).

Saturday, September 3, 2011

seeing red

My excessive bulb planting in the beginning of Winter has payed off!!!

The most magnificent of all, these tall bright red tulips, bloomed for almost 3 weeks alongside smaller yellow, pink, peach and purple varieties. Their leaves are slowly browning off now, but I am looking after them with bulb boost in hope of them returning next year.

Love, love, love those shining petals.