Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Game..

I loved what I read on Cherry's and Pip's blog, so I'm joining them but have taken a different spin on it. All comments below relate to my teaching JOB (completly unrelated to craft, yes)!!

Making : collage paper healthy sandwiches
Reading: 'The Pigeon Wants a Puppy' by Mo Willems. So funny I near wet myself laughing when reading it to my class today
Wanting: to know why parents don't remind children to shower d.a.i.l.y
Looking: at Google Earth (we were amazed to zoom into a pack of huddled penguins in the Arctic)
Singing: 'You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story (gives me goosebumps and sometimes a tear when they sing)
Playing: Connect 4 and LEGO
Saying: "Stop. Look and Listen"
Wishing: children would listen carefully to my instructions
Enjoying: listening to children read to me
Waiting: for our new playground to arrive
Liking: when my students use the same words I do. i.e beautiful, splendid, fabulous, sensational
Wondering: if tomorrow's perimeter maths lesson will work as hoped
Hoping: a particular student's mum remembers to pack her child some food tomorrow :(
Marvelling: at the resilience of some students
Needing: more 1:1 support with one particular little bean
Smelling: *lol* no comment
Wearing: yeehah! success - my whole class in school uniform for the past 2 weeks!
Following: the leader to their Music lesson
Wanting: the days to speed up so we can go to the Adelaide Show and Central Markets on excursion sooner
Noticing: that some kids have ample English and are hence soon to leave me :(
Knowing: the holidays are nearing
Thinking: about buying a new mug - new one every term this year. exciting!
Giggling: at a student who in maths was invited to select the 'best tool' to measure his partners waist in cm. He chose to run a trundle wheel around his partners waist. He did get the correct measurement though!
Loving: the challenge of teaching Year 3/4s (adjectives, plurals, speech marks, time phrases oh my!)
Smiling: because I truly feel lucky to have a job which I love!

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