Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fleurieu peninsula antics...

I am feeling a tad privileged to have a boyfriend who works as a park ranger. Not only do I get to see buckets full of spectacular natural environments, but I also get to check out all (and I mean all) the country op-shops! I took an epic 7 hours to get back to Adelaide from Victor (normally 1.5hrs) with charity shops to blame ... oh and some devonshire tea cafes too, shhhh :P

Does anyone else get goosebumps just before entering through the doorway of a thrift store? I love the thrill of not knowing what I'm going to find. This post confirms my addiction and proposes that the act of thrifting is not unlike a good quality drug.

Perhaps some patch work cushion covers with the above fabrics?

I feel an obsession for old malamine crockery building.
...*sigh of contentment* :)


  1. Now that my new abode is official there is serious need of op shopping. The only down side is I am not going to be able to make any purchases bigger than my bean car but thrifts-ahoy- show me all your favourite locations :)
    I have been temporarily fulfilling my thrifting needs with the op shops here in Port but they are only small and not comparable to the giant treasure chests found in Adelaide. Another problem with them is they are only open week days 10 - 3 so when I am working I will not be able to attend :(