Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nasturtiums: a love-hate relationship

* their magnificent orange, red and yellowey brightness
* their ediblity
* their burger shaped greenery
* the quantity of flowers from 1 plant {I can pick 30 flowers for the kitchen and the next day they seem to have magically re-grown outside!}

* their vine-like growth.
* their invasiveness.
= They have completly taken over our back garden. In spite of this i cannot pull them out. In the meantime the backyard will be completly unreachable by mankind! :D


  1. I love them - all my favourite colours in one place. Can't say I've ever eaten them though...

  2. I'm with you on the love/hate... they are so pretty but they are also taking over our garden... all the other flowers get covered with them.

  3. I love these plants! Good ground covered to stop water evaporation, and I also love their 'play-ability'. When I was little (okay, now too!) I used them as a cup. I love seeing how water turns to liquid silver in their leaves. And- they're bright and happy!

    Yep. I'm the nasturtium talker-uper-er!! :P