Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy bees...

Yesterday I tackled my personal sewing fear (I am sure we all have some of those)... the dreaded and evil zipper. I made three little zip pouches from my new book 'Bend-the-Rules Sewing' by Amy Karol. Two are going to special friends for gifts, and one is for me to hold my crochet hooks.
There is something nostalgic about the metallic jingle the hooks make in their little zip pouch.
This is Hanna. Yesterday she sat there on the dining room window ledge for hours crocheting ... amidst complaining of pins and needles in her butt lol.

She crocheted this (how very sweet is it). It is a christmas crown. She wasn't impressed with the paper ones you get in bon-bons as they rip and come in dodgy colours (haha, too true), so she crocheted a woolen one ALL BY HERSELF! ! ! No help, just little consultations. She even worked out how to do the spikey top! It makes me feel a bit spesh as I taught her to crochet a year ago. It's so nice having a crafty daughter-in-law. Your such a great kid Hanna. ox


  1. That. Crown Is. Amazing. WOW!

    My personal sewing fear is button holes... *shiver*

  2. Congrats on the zips, love, love, love the sound of crochet hooks jingling away, that is the most gorgeous pic of your very clever daughter-in-law and that crown is the best.

  3. Wow, great crown! Your little zip pouches look fabulous, looks like you conquered your fear of the zipper.