Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finally got around to putting these sheets on the bed. I really am starting to love our bedroom decor as time passes. I do feel like painting that blue grey wall a new colour though!
In a craft room clean up over the weekend I decided that these Xmas tree teardrop doo-dads don't belong in a box marked 'Christmas Decorations' never to be seen for another 11 months. So they are out, and hanging on the passageway wall. I like them, they add a bit of fun and colour to the normally frame-plaid walls. The Boy hasn't seen them yet - bit worried :P

ps: I have been sewing a dress from this pattern - it is almost finished, but don't hold your breath. x


  1. Love the sheets so much i wanna steal them. Maybe wait a while longer before you broach the subject of repainting feature wall with the boy. Third paint job might not make for happy families ;)

  2. those colours in the bedroom look soothing and refreshing at the same time.what a lovely spot to retire after a busy day.
    good for you on rescuing the christmas decor too!

  3. I think the doo-dads look lovely in the hall. I laughed wondering what 'the boy' said when he saw them. i know what my 'boy' would have said :-)