Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet Clementine

My first Blythe doll arrived today! I named her Clementine, as her given name Cassiopeia Spice was too long-winded and strange. I am really happy with her and she is much taller than I expected.

She is such a pretty Blythe! Her hair feels like silk. Here are some photos of her and 4 different eye-chips - you yank a ring-pull chord at the back of her head and her eye colour and position changes. I am not yet a fan of the amber or pink (!?) eye chips. We'll see if they grow on me... hmmmm

I need to work on her wardrobe, I'm going to check if my childhood Barbie and Skipper clothes fit her - thankfully my parents have kept all of our toys, books and clothes in their garage, and I mean ALL. I think I ever have children I'll be the same - keep everything.
I did have a try at sewing a dress last week but haven't tried it on her yet.... I hope I got the sizing correct- please do check back on Thursday to see it in My Creative Space post :D


  1. she is very, very cute. The green and blue eyes seem to take my fancy over the pink and orange ones, perhaps its because they are looking sideways.

  2. Oh she's adorable!

    I have a friend who is a Blythe-a-holic, I don't know how many she has now, but it's A LOT. They've got gazillions of shoes, and little playsets & everything...!

    Oooohparently it's a disease you are 95% more likely to contract after getting your first Blythe. Good luck with that. ;)

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of your girl. The only eye colour I don't like is pink. I do like the amber. sew away mini clothing maker.

  4. hehe, after looking at your kitchen, i thought id flick through your blog, and squeeed when i saw blythe dolls!
    I may or may not be the friend vic is talking about, and yes, ill admit im obsessed haha, and it is like a obsession one is never enough!
    though ive been pretty carefull in my almost 2 years of collecting.
    your girl is cute, i had her on pre order but then cancelled her, but i enjoy seeing pics of her in other peoples blogs and flickr!