Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place & Yours: In my kitchen

Thank uuuuu Vic for choosing Nic and I for the theme queens this week! We both chose 'In My Kitchen'.... a place I love to spend time in, even if it is just to whip up a cuppa.
Our kitchen is thankfully still in it's 1960's style splendour, with lovely retro spinning corner cupboard, glass paned upper wall shelves and metal bench trim and rivets. The kitchen is what made me fall in love with the house in the beginning. I dooooo l♥ve our kitchen. Ok I'll stop now lol
I have a fascination for those colourful old enameled tin plates and bowls. I don't quite know what it is - their bright colours, how they keep my dinner super warm for a long time, or the clinky clunky sound they make when you cut food on them? My friends don't get it (a friend even uses one for her cat's food bowl!), nor do my parents or anyone else I have ever ever had for dinner at our house for that matter. In fact, most usually ask for their meal on a ceramic plate. *shrugs* I like really like them. A lot.
ooooooo - I blogged about our retro canister situation a month or so ago - take a look over here if you are curious. Do head over to Punky & Me to see other bloggers kitchen related goodness xxx


  1. Love the cabinets :) don't you just love the rounded cupboards so cute.

  2. Very sweet cannisters and very retro kitchen. Brings back memories of when I was little.

  3. I love that curved cabinet- I can see why it was a no brainer to move in.

  4. great theme, Tracey..thanks!

    i grew up in a kitchen similar to yours and i remember those lovely etched glass cupboard doors..thanks for the lovely memories :)

    btw i love enamelware too!

  5. I'm sooo with you on the enameled tin though! Love it, my favourite are the mugs, the best thing to drink a cup of hot choc. from!
    (And yes it's freezing here! But I doubt it's as bad as Germany, your poor Shivering brother!) xxx

  6. I love the metal trim on the shelves etc... I want a table with that stuff! Cool!

  7. I'm in the don't understand the fascination with enamel plates club. I like it when camping though. Not that I really camp.

  8. I love your kitchen too! ANother dream kitchen! I know what you totally about enamel plates, and the clunk and everything about them.
    thanks for a great theme.

  9. I love that aqua jug of yours - gorgeous. Great theme idea :)