Sunday, February 28, 2010

a skirt

I forgot about this cute pink, red and whit pleated skirt I got for $5.99 from Salvos about a month ago. I'm wearing it out tonight to have coffee in the city with mum and dad. I think it was hand sewn by someone, as there is no tag or label inside. I really love the pleats!
Below is a nicer photo of the skirt fabric- the gingham turned psychedelic in the photo above. odd.
Pssst..I am so not a pink person... nor am I a pink and red together person... but I am slowly becoming more accepting and think the two colours can be quite sweet together.


  1. I simply love that skirt, my favourite of your recent finds. How did your ink go this weekend? I left you a blog award on my blog if you are interested. All the kids are doing it ;)

  2. That is a great skirt and it looks FABULOUS on you!

  3. Yes, you look splendid and houndstooth is so stylish. I love your skirt!