Sunday, March 21, 2010

Autumn at our house

We have been watching golden, red and brown leaves fall and cover our garden floor. The cat prefers not to walk on the crispy leaves, whereas I like that crunching sound.
We are hoping that this dust bowl section of our front 'lawn' recovers when the rains come.

The Boy, his friends and my dad are building a front fence and gate. We cannot wait! We have so many exciting plans for some raised bed veggie gardens out back, paving to get rid of the back lawn (I am so completely over lawn), and the best discussion has involved...wait for it.... chooks. Lucy the cat liked that idea the best!

I hope you are enjoying the colours Autumn brings, too. x


  1. Oh I love the crunching leaves too!! Autumn has to be my favourite time of year. Chooks are a great idea, you must let us know how you go, apart from the endless egg supply, hubby is certain they would make great pets???

  2. What a glorious shades of Autumn your leaves are.
    Veggie garden sounds great, but chookies are a wonderful addition to any yard! I love them, used to have them, but none at the mo, unfortunately.
    Thanks for dropping by Tracey and you sweet comment. Tell you what though, I've seen a couple more drawers in this meme that are a lot more intimate than mine is! lol.

  3. Crunching leaves reminds me of being a little kid and going to the park with my Mum. Beautiful photos.