Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pondering ...

Recent events in my family are bringing thoughts of life to the forefront this week. I have been trying to keep busy by crocheting - a lot. Who knew a baby cardigan could be crocheted in just a few hours? So quick that I have made not one, but two. Late last week I enjoyed a cuppa sitting on my favourite cushion by some bulbs I pulled from the garden and potted. [Polaroid photos taken with the desktop Polaroid camera].


  1. Wholey Moley, I have just noticed that you have 58 followers, that is amazing!!! People must love your stuff!!! Good work buddy.
    PS: I'll call you ASAP have some news, my life at the moment is a constant stream of meetings and busyness :S

  2. Hi hun!
    I've been away from blogland for a while, so are the recent events connected to you making baby cardies? Do we have news lovely lady?
    If it's in no way connected then please forgive me and my tiny brain!
    I certainly hope the recent events have only been welcome ones.
    Love the polaroid pics!
    Sarah xxx