Thursday, June 24, 2010

colour the world

Watched this on poppytalk tonight and feel happily obliged to spread the word! Sometimes we all need something to make us smile, this did exactly that for me....

All those colours sent me reminiscing me back to when I visited India in 2006. I fell in love with the sounds, smells (not all mind you...) and the most amazing vivid bright colours. Be warned - this post is a little image heavy x

above, Holy Quaran scriptures wrapped in gorgeous fabrics just outside a mosque in Old Delhi.


  1. oh my gawd I remember the smell on our bus ride from the airport in Mumbai, probably the most vile smell to ever hit my nostrils. After that, it was the best trip ever, India is awesome.

  2. I so want to visit India. The culture just seems amazing and I feel like I could learn a lot there.

    I adore that video, thanks for sharing. Jonsi is awesome (the music).