Saturday, June 5, 2010

lino on the wall...

Remember these photos of my great-nana's glorious lino floors? Since the day I set foot on them in April I hadn't been able to let go of the idea of going back to Victoria and salvaging some of it. There was something pulling me back, the fact that generations of my family had walked upon those floors, heavy furniture had made lovely deep crevices in some areas... plus - the patterns are just swoon-worthy!

Last month a sad family event brought my family together in the very town where great-nana's house stood. So dad, being the handy man legend that he is, Stanley-knived large panels of lino from the floors of her two main bedrooms.

The panels needed a good clean up and were trimmed to size and put into IKEA Ribba frames. The lino with big red roses was in a dire state... areas crumbled when touched. The framed swan was great-nana's too... but it has yet to find a place in our house.

I believe these pretty patterns were always destined for a life on our dining room wall. The Boy isn't so keen on them, but understands how much they mean to me so didn't put up much of a fuss when I asked him to get the masonry drill bit.

Ohhh how icky is that last photo...let's pretend those mega cracks in the wall are non-existent ok? ;)


  1. They look amazing framed on your wall! What a brilliant idea & so special with the history & a lifetime of stories they hold..

  2. Brilliant idea. Lovely prints. What a wonderful way to stay connected with the past. Ace.

  3. They look beautiful. What a lovely memento to have.

  4. What a sensational way to honour your memories as art.

  5. oh wow what a great way to reclaim the lino! Ikea frames really are great aren't they! well done! I love it

  6. just magic.
    I love them.
    xx Amy

  7. what treasures. they look beautiful.