Sunday, July 18, 2010

holiday capers cont.

Celebrating 28th yrs of life with a yummy mud cake made by the Boy - so special and scrumptious! Big hugs to family and friends for their love x

Folding and sorting blankets on the rails of our blanket stand, which has certainly been getting a work out this Winter. 

Being given my first bouquet of kale - awesome!

Inspired by the talented Dawn of handmadelove, Hanna and I spent hours painting all of the foods we have eaten over the past week. It was fun, although it proved an astounding numbers of cuppa's are being consumed daily. Is 5 to 7 cups a day ridiculous?  Perhaps decaf should be bought from now on....

Discovering how delightful Windsor & Newton blank indian ink is when used with a steel quill. Heaven.

School holidays are soon over and my head is flooded with maths lesson ideas, homework contracts, phonics and finally some knitting classes (something I have wanted to do with my Yr 5/6s all year). As it happens I can't knit well at all, most of the kids in my class can... so I guess they will be teaching me lol


  1. Oh what a fantastic idea to use a towel rail as a blanket stand! I see lots at car boot sales and never pick them up as we don't need a towel rail - I do now for all my blankets!!

  2. Looks like you have a wonderful birthday indeed (and who doesn't love a choc mud cake - yum)!
    I finally opened the package yesterday and found the gorgeous fabric. Thankyou so so much! I've already used some too, it was to pretty to put in the stash.

  3. so much delightful stuff here - that Kale looks too good to eat and your palette has me wanting to get creating, NOW!

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday. It looks like your day was fill with lots of happy moments.

    I hope the new term is fun, enjoy knitting with your class. I learnt knitting at school and made my dad a scarf, a bit wonky but I still remember it fondly. :)

  5. that cake looks amazing! happy birthday to you. love the painting of foods idea. bring on the cuppas!

  6. I LOVE the photo of the blanket stand, makes me want one!!
    Vintage sheet swap looks excellent and inspirational.