Saturday, September 25, 2010

patchwork crochet blanket

I finished The Boy's blanket this morning... just in time for his birthday next week. It's big and man-sized that's for sure!

After an hour or so weaving in those dreaded wool ends I now feel free to begin another project (WOOT!). A sewing project which has been waiting for me for a few months. Looking forward to dusting the cobwebs off my machine!

Make sure you see Tiff's tutorial on how to join crochet squares as you go. If you're curious that is ;P


  1. Wow - impressively large! I have just started a rainbow blanket like the one you made. It's a good project for using up little bits of wool.

  2. omg gorgeous. I wish I could do that!!!

  3. great colours for a boy! which i'd thought of that when mine was little... :)

  4. Brilliant blanket. 100% brilliant. I'm loving it muchly.