Thursday, September 23, 2010

ups and downs

Oh hello little blog, I have missed you. The Boy and I have been on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster and feel a bit rutt-esque (you get the picture...). I'm going to share, so you know why Ive been quite absent from blogging of late, and also because I find my posts being all about 'Creative Tracey' .... but there's more to me than that :)

Fabulous blue and green paint treatments in Old Quarter in New Delhi, 2006

You see, we're at a stage in our lives where we're starting to think about having a family (cluck! My heart melted whilst typing that word!) but we also have a strong urge to travel and live overseas for up to 12 months. We'd love to wake up every morning for a year and be somewhere different, learn something new each day, immerse ourselves in an unfamiliar culture and maybe learn a new language. 

Tie Dye in Rajasthan, India, 2006

So yes, second or third world is what we're imagining. We both have a desire to feel like we're making a difference to a less fortunate community who can also teach us something. I'd like to learn to live more minimally. We're both fairly scrupulous and I'm very proud of the thriftiness mum seems to have instilled in me... but I think that growing up and living in a Western country has some of us feeling as though we want more and need more to be happier. Although we do this well, I think there's room for us to do it better.....perhaps those in less fortunate countries have some answers for us?? 

Halong Bay, northern Vietnam 2008

So The Boy applied for a job in Cambodia and got it a few weeks ago and were extraordinarily elated, scared and of course super excited. We sat beaming on Cloud 9 for almost a week, however moments from accepting the job and emails to-and-fro the office we found out that we wouldn't be able to live together. So we're no longer going on that adventure, he is gutted as it would have been his perfect job and it has left us feeling a bit flat and pretty disappointed. 

Laotian hilltribe folk near Luang Namtha, 2009

So where to now? We have started looking for teaching jobs and we'll just have to hope that something jumps out at us. The quantity (ridiculous numbers!) of ESL teaching jobs that require a simple 100 hours of study and tend to employ those willing to teach as an English tutor after school hours to 'well off' students is crazy. With every Google search tens of thousands of websites invade my screen and it's not fun rummaging through to find which might or might not scam us.

The search continues. Wish us luck x


  1. Absoloutely, GOOD LUCK! Take care & keep us up to date, I know I've missed your posts lately... I'll just have to look forward to some blog posts in the future with more beautiful photos of your new & exotic adventures!

  2. I think this might be the 1st time that I have commented on your blog although I have been a reader for a while.
    I just wanted to let you know that I think it is a marvellous thing that you plan to do. I have often thought of doing something similar but with two young children I will have to wait a wee while.
    If you are planning to do an ESL course please do one that is accredited to a well known organisation. In the UK they are often found through colleges and universities so I don't know if it is the same over there.
    I do hope that you find something that suits you both and wish you all the luck in the world.

  3. Good luck, I hope the perfect job plops in your lap. 'Sing and Don't Cry' is a great book I read about another Australian couple who were feeling like you were and did what you want to do in Mexico.

  4. I do wish you luck! It sounds like something you are very passionate about & therefore destined to do. I hope you find the perfect place & the perfect work for you both, what an exciting adventure!

  5. Hi Tracey, I've been a follower for a while, but not sure if I have ever commented. My mum works overseas in the middle east (Al Ain, UAE), and I think her company are looking to employ ESL teachers soon. I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you are interested in, but if it is let me know and I'll find out more info for you. They usually employ people on a one year contract.

  6. I hope you find something ( im sure you will ) it sounds like a wonderful thing to do! Good Luck! x

  7. I hope you do get to do this together. I reckon the two years Chris and I spent travelling facing all sorts of challenges together really made us what we are today. I certainly think we have coped better with the ups and downs of parenting thanks to our ability to work as a strong team.