Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my creative space

On Sunday the sun was shining and I felt extraordinarily crafty, so I blocked my baby cardigan. It's 100% pure wool, so the dining room smelt like a wet dog -eeww. I'm quite certain it won't curl up anytime soon and and now dying to sew it up.


I've been pondering what to do with all this sweet pale lemony yellow wool given to me last week by my wool supplier - my Oma!

Just throwing in a sweet photo of where I found our teeniest girl a few mornings ago - where else but right on top of my creative space! I have since sewn up the vintage sheet quilt I have dreamed of for the past 6 months, which is now a pic-a-nic blanket! It's glorious.

I am wallowing in the extra time that school holidays brings. Yes, I have had a tonne of planning to finish (I can't wait to read Fantastic Mr. Fox during literacy as my students can now read mini novels - Hazzar!) and there does seem to be more cleaning up around the house as more time is spent here but the sleep ins, crafting and time for baking *sigh* i just LoOOOOVE it.  4 days to go then only 9 weeks and Xmas holidays. Is anyone else suddenly thinking - Christmas is nearing?!? It is and Ive put no thought into it except for thinking I might attempt to make an ice-cream cake. 

Tonight's dinner was a bit camera worthy (unusual in our home), marinated chicken, salad and baked polenta chips. It was a first for me to cook with polenta and the chips were delicious. Here's the recipe I follwed if your keen to try. I didn't deep fry them as suggested, just chopped them up into chip sizes pieces after cooling in the fridge, dipped one edge in Parmesan cheese for taste, sprayed them all with a little oil and baked them on baking paper on a tray at 200 deg C for about 15-20 min. It made WAY too many but we managed to devour them all.

Happy school holidays if you're still on them! (simultaneous clapping and wooting) xxx


  1. Those knitted pieces look like they are blocking nicely, and you've got a little bit more sunny/dry weather to dry them out properly.
    And there is no clapping or wooting here regarding the holidays - Daisy is so bored it is tragic! She is desperate to get back to her friends and her readers and her activities, and sick of the sight of us I think.

  2. I've always wondered how to stop the ends of your knitted garments or crochet curling up! That wet dog not very nice!

    I want the school holidays to last just one extra week, the mornings are wonderful, kids sleeping, nice quiet house to get a bit of crafting done before they rise.

    Your dinner looks so nice, I've never cooked with polenta before.....might have to give it a try!

  3. Kids are back at school here, one week of holidays is not enough!

    Your cardi is gorgeous and i love the lemony wool BUT i really wanna see your vintage sheet quilt , can we have some photos , pretty please?!

    PS Tea looks YUM!

  4. I know EXACTLY what you are saying!!! Holidays are the best...
    I might try your polenta chips - the photo is a very good marketing tool! Love your arrangement of tealights in the background ;)

  5. So much good stuff happening at your place ... the smell of wet wool is plain weird, and I so want to see what your quilt looks like. The sneak peak has got me interested.
    My Creative Space

  6. I found your blog by googling 'rainbow baby blanket' and I love it. I've been off work for five weeks with a broken ankle and thought I would take the opportunity to start a project for a tiny, weeny bump :-) Thanks for a bit of inspiration.

    And trying these polenta chips tomorrow - I've been cooking soft polenta for so long that I've forgotten about hard polenta! I used to do stilton and rosemary polenta wedges with tomato ragu as a veggie main dish but I've never done chips. Pretty sure they'll be excellent with lamb chops! Thank you :-)