Sunday, October 10, 2010

swing low sweet chariot

Simply put - I love swings. After years of dreaming of being the owner of a tree swing The Boy got fed up with my persistent comments ... mostly relating to that lovely swing in The Secret Garden movie.... and crafted me my very own plank swing this afternoon!! It's THE BEST!!!

Swinging is a delightful way of whiling away time, do you agree? I would share a photo of me sitting on it swinging away with the cheesiest 5 year old grin ever, but.... my grundies were showing making the photo rather inappropriate for blogland.

I did spend a few hours soaking up the sunshine today tying, tying, tying. I am really enjoying the knotting, thank goodness!


  1. SHOW THE GRUNDY SHOT!!! I love swings too....and the secret garden! Renovating our whole backyard at present and I am definitely trying to add a touch of "secret garden whimsical mystery" for my little girls. Sophie

  2. Swinging can be a great ab workout too... what a pity I get dizzy when I get to high!

  3. swings are fun! but I get a bit dizzy too when I go too high or for too long! happy blogtoberfest!