Wednesday, January 12, 2011

from seed to seedling

After miserably failing to sprout an entire tray of seeds last week (note to self - seeds and teensy seedlings don't fare well in extreme direct sunlight), I think I am finally onto something. Woot! The trick? Much waiting and watering, shade hehe, watching and waiting and watering.

Little green radishes popped up first, 

then sweet basil, dwarf snap beans and finally silverbeet... those capsicum seeds aren't doing anything???

I transplanted those radish seedlings today into vege beds as the weather was relatively mild with all day cloud cover. The silverbeet should be ready to go in within the next few days. They are growing so quickly. This afternoon I decided to plant carrots and more radish seeds, as they grew so well for me) in x2 2.4m rows each and yellow butter beans beneath one of our homemade bamboo tee-pees. I have always enjoyed growing plants from seed with kids in my classroom in little pots, but to do it on a bigger scale and with the goal of eating our own produce to is...  so much better!


  1. Bonjour from Paris France! Don't remember your email so I thought I post a comment instead. Glad to hear your patch is doing well, having a wonderful time it's so lovely. Had good weather so far only got rained on once or twice and not for the whole day. Text me your email to Garys no. So much cheese here and the crepes are amazing. Shez xxo

  2. Great to see some seedling action. You've got more patience than me, that's for sure!