Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Harvest

First year of bean growing = successful The first of our golden butter and snap beans were ready for eating and went into last nights wonton noodle soup, and tasted yummy and fresh!

First year of carrot growing = unsuccessful :( We decided to pull up a few purple carrots in hope that they would be a little plumper than when we checked a few weeks ago. But alas - short, stubby, spidery purple roots. We chopped the roots off and ate the carrots and they were incredibly tasty. What a shame. Next year I must remember to add sand to the carrot bed and will not ammend the soil in any way - no compost, no composted cow poop, no fertilizer, no love really... how odd that they prefer to grow that way. 

Quite happy to be playing a new vegetable harvest meme over at Daphne's Dandelions!


  1. Those beans look superb. My mum makes a fantastic dish with some just boiled beans, with a little olive oil,crushed garlic and a little vinegar drizzled all in together and eaten warm which is delicious. The carrots are an amazing colour- do they have the same sort of taste as the orange?

  2. There is nothing like eating home grown produce!!
    The colour of your carrots in intriguing, never seen them before :)