Friday, July 29, 2011

gratefulz through the lens

This month I am grateful for... (yes again!), particularly these fiery orange, red and pink poppies given to me for my birthday. The way that the tightly scrunched-up petals literally explode out of their bud cases, then within a day seem to magically stretch out with no wrinkles to be seen. Love it!

... ultra thoughtful gifts of the lensy type. She's a Canon f1.8 50mm and took all of the photos on this post. Despite having no zoom ability and a slightly plastic fantastic exterior, it can beautifully throw areas into a delicious blur (yes, blur can be delicious!) and keeps specified area nicely focussed.

...leeks, spinach and the last of our broccoli from our slllooooooow growing Winter patch. Looking forward to sprouts, caulies and broadies in the next month or so.

and lastly I am grateful to feel the warm sun my face today - it's been a while Monsieur Solei!

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  1. Hi Tracey - your link isn't working, but I knew it was you. I will try to change it a bit later so others can find you. You've put '' for some reason!!

    ANYWAY, LOVE the wheat photos - they are so beautiful. And the colours in your birthday flowers are stunning. Happy birthday to you! x