Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winter veggie round up

An epic fail with Chinese and Globe cabbages. Both had beautiful lush leaves, but never grew tight and compact in the centers, just spent their time spreading outwards. I attempted to 'train' those adventurous leaves by tying them up... to no avail. In the last weeks they then grew upwards almost 1m high and bolted into yellow flowers. Annoying. 

The broad bean plants are over half a meter tall now. Super quick growers and bazillions of flowers. Can't wait for steamed broad beans with butter, broad bean salad and dip. We're getting worried now - as we may have sowed too many seeds!

From what I can see (first time growing these) - we have baby brussel sprouts growing on those stems up there!!!

Cauliflowers all made it to this 50cent piece size then quickly bolted as well. I guess we planted at the wrong time of the year... might have another try in 2012 but plant earlier in the season.

Any suggestions for my happy-to-bolt veggies?



  1. No ideas at all I'm afraid... I find it equally annoying - but often am reminded by a bolted plant to get out into the garden more often to just observe.

  2. I can never get any kind of Brassica to grow properly here - Mum says it is because we don't get decent frosts. Apparently we've had quite a mild winter this year so it's no surprise cold loving plants have not thrived. I stuck to peas this year and they are absolutely thriving right now. :)

  3. Yes, I think cold winters are the key. It's not you! It's our weather.