Sunday, December 18, 2011

christmas tree 2011

2009 and 2010: We had a branch. Each year I LOVED the branch. I loved that it was totally bare to begin with. An empty canvas. It allowed me be creative with it's decorations, most of which were handmade. This year there were a few requests for a tree. So this is her. I like it... but part of me misses the branch.


  • Small and large vintage apples (thanks Ma), 
  • Clear glass baubles,
  • Thrifted embroidered coasters, 
  • Wooden laser cut keys and reindeer (Typo sale 4 for $1) and 
  • Sewn maths grid paper garland (made by me).

Can't wait for Christmas 2012 ... with our little button! 

Merry Christmas 


  1. Just lovely, Tracey! A tree will never take away your dear memories of the branch...!! What an exciting year you have ahead of you - all the best! Hope your Christmas is splendid!!

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