Sunday, January 8, 2012

grateful is spelt funny

Don't you agree? It should be greatful, no? Grate makes me think of grating or a grater. Okay I'm over that.

I enjoy reading Maxabella's thought inspiring posts, and plan to contribute more to select few sweet little memes (as I have done in the past) more often throughout 2012. Here is my first for the new year. This week I am grateful for -

 ... the effort we put into our garden at the beginning of each season. 

Removing dead plants, tilling soil and adding nutrients plus trying not to sulk over unsuccessful crops can be quite a chore that we honestly never look forward to. But the day the seedlings are lovingly placed into the soil and our irrigation system drips away we are both proud of our efforts and full of optimism!

During December and Janurary we have been consuming (and giving away to friends and family) silly amounts of sweet cherry tomatoes, red onions, small but juicy apricots, bazillions of corn cobs, cucumbers and mini capsicums. We will most probably repeat planting all of these next year as we had next to no failed crops. Yay!

So that's it. Effort and the rewards it brings :)

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  1. You are right, 'grateful' is a strange spelling. Your harvest looks so beautiful & so 'summery' to my eyes. Here in the UK, everything seems to be hibernating...I did spot my first snowdrop out in the garden today.

  2. Lovely post - your harvest looks wonderful. We were a bit slack this year and then a hailstorm wiped out what we did have planted. Those pictures inspire me to get ready for next season.

  3. Such a bounty and a great (grate!?) analogy for life. I'm really happy to see you here, Tracey. x

  4. Hey Trace,
    If you would like to join in on more linkys this year I have found one that I really like related to our beloved Pinterest. It is called Piquing my Pinterest, it is at this website