Tuesday, January 24, 2012

number ones and twos

Disposables Vs Cloth is where my head was at a week ago. I decided better sooner than later to begin looking into things. Like most things that take my interest I become quickly addicted to putting ALL of my spare time and energy into researching the 'best' option/s before I make a purchase. These days I rarely buy anything without Googling it's pros and cons. Other than helpful chats with friends who are mums or pregnant I just have no clue about nappies.

So which path did we decide to keeping bub's nether-regions as dry as possible? .... CLOTH! Yep. We are hopefully going to full time Modern Cloth Nappy our babe (or MCNs as they are termed). Until last week I was certain that disposables were for us/particularly me. But the more I read into the argument, my opinion began to sway towards cloth. There are many reasons we chose cloth but to name a few that are important to us..

  • not being responsible for horrid amounts of plastic and chemicals in landfill ,
  • cloth is friendlier and softer on bubs delicate skin, 
  • financially cheaper ~$500 for cloth versus ~ $4000 to nappy a newborn through to 2 year old, and
  • MCNs are Oh SO cute, squishy, soft and plain adorable!
The cost shocked me initially (between $20-40 per nappy) but the more I dug around in the online shopping world of diapers I discovered a few lovely sales. We have ordered 24 nappies all up, which should last us 2-3 days before washing. We chose 3 different All-In-One MCNs based on product reviews and friends who had trialled and tested.

I can't wait to get fluffy mail in the coming weeks in the form of...

Pikapu... adoring the turquoise! pic source pikapu
Bumgenius 4.0 pic source nurturenappies

 and the rainbowy goodness of Itti Bitti Tuttos!!! pic via mammalovesbubba

A few more things I am on the lookout for to make the process run smoothly - a bin beside the change table, two PUL bin liners and a roll of flushable bamboo liners - no one likes to go near poo right?!  Oh, we don't expect cloth to be right for us 24/7, nor do I see myself being stressed out by washing etc if we get sick or life gets a bit tricky... so we will surely use disposables from time to time (perhaps travelling, visiting and at night if these don't hold up). 

Now.... just to look into MCN storage options and organisation - Woo!  


  1. I cloth nappyed 2 my little girls, and I'd have to say it's very satisfying, knowing you're doing your bit, and they are so much cuter than disposables! Have fun on your journey, and I hope the new all in ones work on your newborn. I found fitted nappies with a good pul cover worked best in the early days, but the newer types might be better than what I was using. Congratulations!

  2. good for you. we cloth nappied too-but use disposibles for the first week, you'll never get the meconium stains out of a cloth nappy!

  3. Dear Tracey,
    Thank you for choosing cloth!
    Love from, The Environment

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