Wednesday, April 25, 2012

veggie garden transformation

December 2010: One boring corner of our yard growing grass and weeds.

February 2011: Mark and I bolted a heap of sleepers together and started growing our first vegetables!

October 2011: My dad and Mark put up a cute little tool shed (aka The Man Cave).

April 2012: My dad, brother and Mark did an incredible job at paving around the veggie beds, using old red brick seconds from The Old Red Brick Co. Such clever boys.

Soooo - no more muddy shoes .... or mowing of grass (or weeds) in Winter. Hurrah!

We are SO pleased with the final product. This little unused corner of our yard couldn't have turned out more perfectly. Now just for an outdoor chair and table setting... and perhaps a little wood fire pizza oven. I'm not really thinking pizzas, it's all about the possibility of toasting marshmallows ;)  ♥ nom  

I adore the herringbone pattern ... happy!