Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY baby capsule liner

So, we hired a rather unsightly Safe N Sound Safety Car Capsule last week. Apparently it is Australia's safest capsule so we went with it. I didn't realise how uncomfortable the existing velour liner was, nor how ugly it was until I took it home. After an intensive search session for online patterns all I could find were some eBay covers asking $50+ aaaand funnily enough multiple baby forums where lots of mums complained of the sheer ick-factor of the capsule :S

So I got to work, and took pics along the way (iPhone quality, sorry) to remind me of the making process (I have a few requests already from friends!) and for any crafty mammas out there wanting to have a try at making their own. I'm not putting up pattern pieces to enlarge or anything, you just trace around the 3 parts and make sure you add an extra 1/2 inch around all sides for the seam allowance.

1 The not so pretty beginning. 2 Material from stash. 
3 Trace three pattern pieces. 4 Cut quilt wadding for all three pieces. 

5 Cut backing and top fabric using pattern pieces. 6 Cut straight lines using a rotary cutter.
7 Assemble in order a) wadding b) top fabric c) backing fabric and pin. 8 Sew around edges.

9 Snip all rounded corner edges. 10 Turn all three pieces in right way and pin.
11 & 12 Pin some more then sew 1/4 inches in to create a neat edge.

13 Match up original liner, trace all seatbelt gaps and sew around all. 
14 Line up the three pieces over original liner and pin where the two seams need to be sewn. 
15 Sew up the two seams at the back. 16 Use a zigzag stitch along those nasty fraying edges.

17 & 18 Make a sweet corduroy bow or two like this.

Done! I think it's pretty cute and so much more snuggly. 
Despite a few unsightly seams I couldn't be happier!

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