Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 things these eyes have seen today...

1. UUgghh - the dreaded sour sob (all 5 hours of them)

2. Sanitarium vege sausages :P

3. Farmers Union Iced Coffee

4. my trusty Janome - Mark's trousers needed to be taken up... f.u.n

5. 'THE' granny sq. blanket - I'm over it. Completely and utterly. I am quite ashamed but I just cannot persist any longer. I've stopped at 28 and.can't.possibly.go.any.further. It was actually hindering my starting of any new project.

So It's a 4x7 blanket (yep it covers all of one leg) and it's all pieced together (terminology?) - that was the fun part. Tomorrow I will learn some fancy crochet scalloped edging and finish it, breath a sigh of relief and excitedly begin a new project lol

(Granny blanket credit - nope its not mine *pout*)



  1. Baby blanket size! It is lovely.

  2. Gillian.. the one in the photo isnt mine lol i will add the credit - ooops!! I wish it was mine, it was my inspiration :)