Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bedroom Makeover Capers: Part 1

The boy and I bought a little house a few months ago. It is truly beautiful. It has a feel good element which is quite hard to describe. It has provided us with full sun in the kitchen all day during the Wintry months, lovely floorboards, an extra bedroom (ehrm, come 'Sewing Room') and a rather monstrous front garden (weeding has taken over our weekends).

BUT...nothing is ever exactly the way you want it when buying a house right? Right. The previous owner felt the need to cover 8 walls in the 2 biggest bedrooms in a hideous sponge effect in shades of nicotine yellow and brown . Need I say we moved in and within 2 weeks swiftly painted those walls. All the while I started scouting ideas for main bedroom colours, furniture, trinkets, lights and wall shades.

Here are some which inspired me... (More to come in future posts, still incomplete as I type from the comfort of my new bed. I do heart Sundays)
Liked the calming greys and yellow ochres. Credit: Nestled In

Off white with grey, yellow poking through. Credit: IKEA

Adore the wrought iron bed, greys and yellow again. Common theme there? Credit: Glen P


  1. Blame those home renovation programs for that horrible sponge effect. My parents-in-law bought a house a couple of years ago and every single wall in it had been sponged or ragged. Awful!

  2. I love the grey and ochre theme, my younger sister (not so young anymore, shes about to be 21!) and I are re-vamping her room with a fresh coat of paint, more modern furniture, a new matress and ofcourse new window treatments and bedding. We have found some great steals to help decorate at local throfy stores but finding an interesting ochre yellow duvet or bed spread is like a pirate trying to find bury treasure! any tips?

  3. Sorry I don't have your email anonymous, or I would have replied :)

    Perhaps head to Spotlight or IKEA (great fabrics) to get some inspiration or fabric, and sew your own duvet cover. Very easy. Try googling 'queen size doona/duvet cover tutorial' and your bound to get something.

    :) Good luck and have fun decorating!!!