Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture frame DIY transformation...

Inspired by this post I had fun transforming a rather boring wooden picture frame (have lost the 'before' photo sorry) into this message board using:

* 1 thrifted picture frame
* glossy firey red spray paint
* my Oma's lovely vintage bird fabric

I'm happy with the glossy red colour burst in our neutral hallway and like that the fabric (which is attached to the wooden backing with quilters spray adhesive) can be whipped off and changed whenever I get bored with it :D


  1. Yes love it indeed. I desire to do something similar, however, instead of fabric behind I want to scrap myself a bit of a blank calendar where I can note important things ahead for the month... now just to find a big ol frame, no luck so far.
    PS: Talk soon x x x x