Friday, October 9, 2009

Blogtober: Cotton reels and new fabric

Being on school holidays means as many op-shop trips as I can possibly muster. Thanks to Cavan Rd Goodwill's Craft Room (floor to ceiling colour blocked fabrics - pure heaven...) I came away with these great retro fabrics. Lucky!

After collecting these and keeping them in an ice-cream container for the last 12 months and shoving that to the back of the craft cupboard... they finally have a home *sigh*... a couple of thrifted glass jars @ $2 each did the trick (I can't recall where I found this storage idea for cotton reels - some clever crafter - when I find I will credit). It's odd I know, but I do like their dull silky loveliness.


  1. Oh I'm so jelious! I wish I had school holidays to explore op-shops! That fabric is really beautiful x

  2. I'm thinking I will have to make the trek to Cavan Rd!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Cavan Rd op shop, I've never seen so much fabric at an op shop! That room is amazing (though apparently only open when they have more than one staff member there, so may be worth a call beforehand for anyone trekking from further afield).
    Thanks again Tracey.

  4. That fabric is all wonderful, lucky you. And those cotton reel jars look great as a display, almost like lollies.