Friday, October 30, 2009

W.H & W.N

Joining Claire of Loobylu's meme today -'Whats Hot & What's Not Wednesdays'. Yes, i do know it's not Wednesday today but will be in 5 days time right :)

What's Hot?
* floral surprises in a teapot
* super juicy breakfast oranges
* my enthusiasm for slowly learning to draw and paint {thank goodness for erasers!}
* the boy's ranga beard
Whats not:
* the ridiculous amount of dishes on the sink this morning! A pile x5 high. Yuk!
* cheap drawing paper that goes lumpy, bumpy and horrid when watercolours touch it :(
* my favourite bread (Lawsons in that nice brown paper bag) which doesn't fit into the toaster, which therefore must go into the grill, which I seem to leave under for 20 seconds too long way too often
* heros burning rubber in front of our house. No. We don't think they are hot AT ALL!!!!

Have a delicious weekend x


  1. good 1. How did you get the photo's to present themselves in that perfect window of squares?

  2. Hey bean, its the 'collage' option in Picnik. You do have to idividually load them and drop them into a grid tho. But better than doing it in MS Paint - eeeeew!

  3. Hmm those heroes visit out street sometimes too. Definitely not hot. Sweet drawings!