Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3D balloon wall art...

I saw these 3D ceramic wall butterflies on Nuestra Vida Dulce's blog. I do like 3D wall art, so I'm makin' some!
I have been getting well aquainted with my Stanley knife to cut my least loved magazines into hot air balloon shapes. Once I have 5 different sized paper balloons they will find themselves floating on our presently boring dining room wall.

2 down 3 to go. x


  1. Would love to see a pic of these once there on the wall, looks great, how clever!
    Just replied to you on my blog, I think we were looking on each others blog at the same time! :D
    Sarah x

  2. I like 3 D art too - love balloons also - cant wait to see them up x

  3. Oh I like them! Could we do them at Owls one Wednesday?

  4. Well your a bit cleaver aren't you. So much greatness going on in your house and all I've done towards making my house look better is finally buy a laundry cupboard so i can actually get in there.