Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Creative Space: coat rack

I'm almost finished the binding of my quilt and the golden tainted coat rack is complete! Things on my "To Do" list are actually getting done slowly but surely. Here she is in all her sunshiney glory [poster on wall a la Frankie].

And a photo of what I saw last night in my kitchen. The flowers on the window ledge looked striking against the darkness of outside. I am not sure if it's creative....maybe just kind on the eye...? x

See some 'real' creative spaces over at Kootoyoo's.


  1. Oh you are just... just.... teasing me with that goddamned gorgeous coat rack now damn you! Daaaaaaaammmmmmn Yooooooooooouuuuuuu!!!

    *composes self somewhat*

    I think those flowers look great, but what I really love (apart from that coat rack) is your actual window - it looks very cool...!

  2. I think a way of looking at things is creative. Speaking of looking at things, we have the same coat rack in red but you can't see it for all the crap draped and hung all over it. I love the colour of yours. I also LOVE the comment you left on my blog, it made me laugh! XX

  3. The golden coat rack came up beautifully.

  4. Oooh delicious coat rack but I wouldn't actually let anyone hang a coat on it, just too lovely!
    (That heat sounds unbearable btw, I would just be spending my days sat in my fridge!)
    Sarah x

  5. Golly gee you know how to compose a photo! Love em x

  6. I love the flowers against the dark window! It is a really beautiful photo. Your coat rack is lovely too!

  7. your coat rack is cute! what a sunny welcome home it will be in the deep dark of Coat Wearing Weather!