Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cherry Surprise Butter Cake recipe

I did some baking' on Thursday. It was a success, so today I'm sharing my own trialled and tested 'Cherry Surprise Butter Cake' recipe. If you are thrifty, love yummy things and cherries I'm preeeeetty hopeful you'll like this.

* packet of Homebrand .95c Butter Cake Mix
* all the things the butter cake mix needs (egg, milk, 1 round cake pan etc)
* 1 jar of pitted Morello Cherries in syrup (Globus brand is good)

* Follow mix packet steps BUT ... just before putting into oven drop 20-30 (the more the merrier) cherries on the top of the cake mix.
* Bake as per packet. Some cherries find their way through the mixture and some remain on top.
* Hot from the oven is always great- watch out - those cherries are boiling hot!
* With butter it is lovely
My guess is that you could substitute other fruits too - strawberries, blueberries and maybe even tinned peaches??? Please let me know if you try this recipe and suggest any modifications :)

Enjoy x

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  1. Dear Everyone,
    I personally tried Tracey's cake and it was delicious!!! Yay for Homebrand I say.