Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peace and quiet...

Things in general, but especially on the craft front, have been pretty relaxed in our house. This time of the year for me means reports, assessment and camp organising. But... today I did manage to whip up a lovely playlist for Vic of Punky and Me's 'Music to craft by' CD swap - very excited to get some happy mail in the letter box sometime next week!

I also started some amiginumi making. I havent made any ami's for yonks, so I happily welcomed the urge to follow the pattern for Little Teddy Bear in my beloved 'KYUUTO! Japanese Crafts' book!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend too :)


  1. your amigurami's are so rocking cute... love the little bib.

  2. The teddy is just gorgeous, I love the ami's they are so amazing arent they.

  3. I am new to the ami fold but love making them, although cant follow a pattern for nuts. Am working on a little rainbow monster at the moment I just make it as I go! Thanks for your comment glad you found it refreshing :)

  4. those are seriously cute! especially love the hearty bib he's wearing. I'm just a novice with amigurumi(actually at most of my crafting adventures...) but I would love to make something that cute one of these days :)

  5. I just ordered that book this week. I hope I can make a bear as cute as yours!