Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its not Winter yet but...

....sometimes dads go overseas to Wintery countries and request manly-business-like scarves, and sometimes the Boy needs a new beanie as we plan to go to a coldish place in January. I don't know about you but I love the cold. I also love the heat. I love all 4 seasons equally as much as the other. In Winter I especially love to wear gloves, scarves and high socks. I do wish our Winters were colder though, and of course I stupidly wish for snow annually but does that ever happen in Adelaide? No.
We are keeping our holiday local and heading to Tasmania. The Boy has never been this excited about a holiday before, its very cute. Being a park ranger he's rather chuffed to be heading to one of the most scenic and serene places in Australia (or so we keep hearing from those who have already been), and not have to work!

The beanie is a mix-mash of treble, double and single crochet adapted un-cleverly and with multiple mistakes from a beanie pattern on Ravelry, an online knit and crochet community. I like it so far, loads of free patterns.
I went all out and used expensive wool (light grey Patons Wool Tweed and dark grey Cleckheaton Country Naturals), which actually contains 'wool'... lol. I am a bit of a thrifty acrylic girl myself I must admit. But for loved ones special things are necessary don't you think!?
If you have been to Tassie yourself I would really love some hot tips on yummy places to eat, where to sip coffee, and of course the crafty shops and markets worth going to :) Thanks in advance!


  1. Those look lovely! I've never been to Tassy, but my parents-in-law are visiting there a we speak so I'll try to remember to ask them for some hot tips. xo m.

  2. Oh Tassie - I grew up there -would love to know what you think and what you enjoyed - I was thinking we could have a crochet mob catch up - is that mad? Come over to my blog and let me know when you are back from Tassie...