Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years happenings

Our apricots ripened and were surprisingly delicious and sweet. We will be watering them more next fruit season in hope of more AND we will purchase a net as birds discovered their sweetness before we did.I visited two lovely friends who live some distance away for a little get away on my own. Nice. Swimming with Alissa at the beach on New Years was muddy and squelchy... but adventurous, and involved diving from a pontoon and scoring marks /10. fabulous funArtsy Clutches were sewn up from Bend the Rules Sewing, which are way too small to do anything of real great value with. Do enlarge the pattern even more than suggested if you ever make one.
I sewed up 3 bibs using a pattern from the same book, which was super simple, and used sew-on velcro for the first time.
I taught myself how to machine applique which was tricky. A Uhu glue stick worked a treat in sticking down those fiddly wings prior to stitching. Do you know what glue or spray I should have been using? I would really like to know!
Here is beautiful baby Claudia smiling away and wearing one of her freshly drooled on gifts. Snuggles galore. She is just sooo cute! Oh yes... I fitted in some opping. We really did need some new glasses! Promise.

I cannot believe it is 2010 already.... a very Happy New Year to you!


  1. What gorgeous goodies you've been creating and those glasses are lovely!
    I use applifix for appliques like your birdie. You can buy it online from The Craft Cubby.

  2. I use 505 Spray & Fix... it's what the quilt shop had lmao. It's really good though, luckily.

    Love those glasses!

  3. Do enjoy those glassess. Its a good thing that Claudia looks so cute in you're bibs but was there ever any doubt that she would, NO! I have began a list of future sewing projects to do with my newly found skills, however unless we don't need any bed sheets/curtains,etc in the whole house I am going to have to wait til I get to civilisation and can visit my favourite shop spotlight :) x x loves 2 ya girlie

  4. Looks like a fabulous NYE adventure you had Trace! Great pics and clever crafting! x

  5. Holy Moly! Looks like a jam-packed start to the new year. Love the bibs but don't know much about applique. Hope 2010 is wonderful for you! xo m.

  6. Happy New Year to you Tracey, and well done on your craftiness, the bibs are sensational! I use Vliesofix for applique such as this, I buy it from Spotlight by the metre, it's super simple to use! I used it to do this applique: among other things :)

  7. Wow that's a gorgeous baby Trace...oh wait, of course she's cute, she's my sweet baby!! The bibs are fab and she's continuing to drool on them like a champ. Loved your visits and laughter in my home. Keep up the crafting. I love to check out what you've been up too.