Monday, December 7, 2009

Let the stitching begin...

Hooray - I've finally started my handmade Christmas makin'.

Something for my cousin's 4 yr old son - a fabric memory game. A wonderful, simple and clear tutorial can be found here at Chez Beeper Bebe (I didn't have enough felt, so put bamboo quilt wadding in my fabric sandwich instead).
The game squares all zig-zagged up.
Something for our house too. I have been experiencing 'inspiration wall' envy big time recently. On Sunday I finally made one for our dining room wall using our new flash Epson printer - she is a beauty! I was a bit naughty and used double sided sticky scrapbooking dots directly on the wall. I'll just paint over it in the future right?!

I am really loving the wall. The lines are quite straight (admittedly I can be rather anal about straight lines - example, if you put twinkle lights on your house frontage - please nail them up in a nice perfectly straight line, please) and the photos all make me smile x


  1. Oh I am so making that memory game for my 4 year old! Right now...

  2. I love love LOVE your inspiration wall.... it really is perfect. well done.

  3. Love your inspiration wall. Planning something of my own but plans often dont get done round here lately... nearly holidays!!
    (PS: Got your text thanks darlin, talk to ya soon x x)