Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade garlands...

I am sure that an epic weekend of xmasy DIY this weekend will get me into the festive season. We'll be getting a tree, very exctied! I'm planning to make some of these garlands from recycled catalogues and old crappo magazines...
Flower Garland from Zakka Life

Paper Circle Garland from Wrenhandmade on ETSY (I love this so much but don't know where to get a cirular punch from. Has anyone seen one in any shops in Adelaide?)

Paper, felt & Bead Garland from Joli Paquet


  1. Plenty of circular punches amongst scrapbooking suppliers. I woudl recommend Camelot on Marion Rd. They have odd hours so check online first. I have seen them with squeeze handles and dies to use with something like a Cuttlebug. They can also be run through a pasta cutter if you have one of those. Nestabilities give you a range of sizes in each shape. I have circles and hearts that would look nice as garlands.
    I'm glad you posted those, I was just thinking about paper decos after DS brought home some paper chains.

  2. Thanks Helen, your fantastic!!!

  3. Oooh definitely gonna give them ago and definitely gonna use the word crappo from now on! Thanks for letting me know about both! :D

  4. I scored my circle punch from Kmart in the scrapbooking section. Spotlight have them. Any scrapbooking shop should have something. :)

  5. Oh I've always wanted to make one of those Paper Circle Garlands. I've seen them as mobiles too - they look excellent

  6. That circle garland is divine, might have to make one of them. Thanks.

  7. lovely recycled decorations. I'm going to give these a go. I have got a small scalpel gadget for cutting out different shapes (found at Lincraft in the papercraft section)
    I just have to dig our last year's Christmas cards now....