Saturday, December 12, 2009

My 100th post!

yikes - 100!!! It is a huge number. I cannot believe that I have shared 100 little pieces of crafty, oppy, nesty or just plain happy things. AND I also cannot believe that I have 22 followers, I feel so amazed when I see that number jump up very couple of weeks....

AND thank you super huge amounts to those who leave comments from time to time. It reminds me that others are reading and enjoy what I share, and that I'm not just sending photos and words into the depth of cyberspace (a bloggers nightmare, am I right?). Comments spur me on to think of new things which would hopefully inspire and delight :P

Now, onto what I have been crafting up this weekend. The festive season seems to have hit me, like never before. I am usually not really into it, but want nothing more than to crochet new decorations for the tree, eer branch, and watch terrible Xmas movies like The Santa Clause with Tim Allen.
Here are some sneek peeks of our Christmas branch. Yes, I chose to boycott the traditional Chrissy tree. We chose a beautiful twisted Eucalypt branch from the reservoir at the end of our road.... it was heavy and I nearly got bitten by a party of angry inch ants while dragging it out from the thicket. It will be a 100% handmade tree, to follow in tradition of the handmade pledge. Here are some sneek peeks into what we've been doing to make it look special :)
No, this is not a pile of 'Roo Knackers' as the Boy suggested.

A vintage napkin decoration and in the background a single crochet rainbow garland.

Finally I get to use some of my cotton reels in a fun way. I will be sharing more photos over the next few days when the tree is finished x


  1. Cool tree! Well done on 100 posts.

  2. Happy 100!

    You deserve wayyyy more followers my dear, your blog is always so fun & interesting - they will find you in the end...!

    Looks like you've been a very busy crafter too - bravo!

  3. Yay for 100 posts! And 22 followers is so exciting for you, I feel a bit like the loser in the corner now with only 8 followers. Loving all your X-mas stuff.

  4. Happy 100th post! Congratulations! It's not easy to get out 100 posts, I can tell ya! I bet there are more followers buried out there, subscribing in a different way, maybe.

    Looking forward to seeing more cotton reels and 'roo knackers'! tee hee

    Carolyn x

  5. Happy 100th post! That looks like a very special tree. x

  6. Happt 100th Post!

    Your Blog is what inspired me to take up sewing this year- and while my stich may not be quite perfect, it has led to a vast amount of joy.

    Thank you for all the inspiration and cool crafty ideas