Monday, December 14, 2009

Patience Tracey, patience.

After months of watching our three fruit trees grow (fig, pear and peach/apricot - we still don't know what it is) they are weeks away from being ripe enough to eat.

I nearly fell off the ladder while taking the next photo. Stupid unbalanced ladder.

I'm expecting the pears to be bitter. I figure if I lower my expectations and they are sweet-ish I'll be very excited. If they are bitter can I make them into jam, or will that turn out bitter too?

Does anyone have any tired and tested fig or pear recipes? :)

ps. I do love school holidays. I went opping on a Monday, woohoo!

pss. The vintage boat tin was $1. happiness.


  1. It looks like an apricot tree to me. My dad has lots of fruit trees in his backyard. I guess the best way to tell is if the fruit is furry then it is a peach and if it is smooth then it is an apricot.

  2. Love the tin! I think I made a pair of baby shoes from a runner just like that one. They were super cute. So envious of your holidays...